Primus inter pares

Since the 16th century, Sillem’s name has been a tradition in the trade and manufacturing of precious metals.  The Hanse traders settled in Hamburg and made a name for themselves, as they traded with various cultures, bringing in valuable materials. Through learning process, they enhanced their handicraft skills.

The famous old historical building, called Jungenfernstieg in the heart of Hamburg was the place where Sillems offered their high quality articles. As a matter of fact, in the year of 1816, it was called the  “Sillems Bazaar”,  the first enclosed shopping mall in the world.

The hanseatic’s styles from the old days is still very much alive today. The choice of noble materials is one of the key factor in the making of the finest articles.

 Today Sillems is focusing on accessories for use in daily life. Elegance, functional design, esthetic are brought to life with the finest of the noblest of materials: sterling silver. Sterling silver will lasts a lifetime; it is used in making classical items and in building a lasting tradition.

Sillems’s philosophy is simple:  each piece is made to perfection and pleasure. Massive 925 silver or silver plate is used in all manufacturing processes. Sterling silver is used and combined in making high quality items such as: hand made lead crystal glass, leather articles and rare woods. All Sillems products are pieces of art. Of course modern technology is used today. Perfection and noblesse are seen in every finished article. Each creation is not only an original, but a unique work of art.

For the past 25 years, the center for design has been headquartered in Kassel. Torsten P Seiffert is the main architect in designing all Sillems products. He has been keeping the tradition alive and continuing century old techniques. Torsten P Seiffert  through his thorough knowledge in design and precious metals has been extending the product range for more than 2 decades.

 The Hanse’s anchor cross is the only decoration added to each piece. The anchor cross has been a long tradition with Hanse traders. The anchor cross is a 4 prong anchor. The anchor was made out hard wood to hold ships in harbors. As the bottom of the Baltic Sea is mainly made of soft sands, it was essential to have an anchor with 4 arms in order to prevent the ship from drifting away from its anchorage. Two arms would not have been sufficient resulting in the loss of ships laden with precious cargoes.


Sillems are sold world wide in exclusive tobacco shops as well as well appointed jewelry stores.  Sillems products are offered in exclusive shops in; Europe, Russia, Japan, China,Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Canada and USA. Sillems dealers offer the finest made products where elegance and beauty come together.